Press BrakeA quality part begins with a blank, which is cut square and to close tolerances. Shearing tolerance capability on each GEC machine is monitored by continuous Statistical Process Control (SPC) charting for accuracy. The GEC warehouse receives and inspects a wide variety of metal sheets, plates and bars daily from mills and warehouse distribution centers. We have a selection of shears capable of handling various specifications from the Cincinnati CNC machine rated at 3/8” mild steel x 12’ to the Lodge & Shipley CT24 rated at 10 ga. X 24”.



Blanking & Punching:

Cincinnati Press Brake 2Versatile press equipment is essential for the efficient production of sheet metal parts. At the George Evans Corporation, a variety of machines are available to meet your specific blanking and punching production tolerance goals.


The ease of changing CNC programs and standard tooling increasesthe flexibility of any design and lowers set-up costs. GEC has a variety of punch presses suited for single hole punching, gang and multiple hole punching, multiple diameters, notching, or cut-off operations.

  • SPM 1000
  • 33 Turret Stations including two Auto-Index stations
  • Control Automation Bar and Angle Cutting and Punching Machine


Our list of equipment includes:

Press Brakes
  • (2) Cincinnati CNC 135 Ton
  • Wysong CNC 100 Ton
  • Mechanical 200 ton
  • Mechanical 225 Ton
  • Hydraulic 250 Ton
  • Pacific CNC 350 Ton
Large Presses for Blanking & Forming
  • Federal Press 150 Ton
  • Danly Press 200 Ton
  • Niagara with knockouts* 250 Ton
  • Cleveland D.C. with knockouts 250 Ton
  • Williams & White Hydraulic* 300 Ton
  • Williams & White 250 Ton

* Cushion for Deep Drawing

Punch Press
  • Niagara 22 Ton
  • Ferracute 35 Ton
  • Ferracute 40 Ton
  • Niagara 60 Ton
  • Niagara 75 Ton
Deep Drawing

Deep Draw Steel PartsTo have a controlled pressure application and ensure a quality finished part, Deep Drawing requires a cushioned press bed. GEC has both a 250 ton Niagara and 300 ton Williams & White for deep draw work.










Cincinnati Press Brake 1Precision set-ups are followed byCincinnati Press Brake 3 Statistical Process Control (SPC) monitoring during all GEC production runs. The Cincinnati CNC Press Brake improves accuracy and repeatability. The computer stores the set-up data, locates the gage stops, controls ram travel, bed deflection, and repeats the operation sequence. These controls save valuable set-up time and in most cases eliminate the expenses and lead- time of special tooling.







Our list of equipment includes:
  • Cincinnati CNC Hydraulic 135 TonSteel PulleysFormed Steel Parts
  • Cincinnati Mechanical 175 Ton
  • Cincinnati Mechanical 200 Ton
  • Cincinnati Mechanical 225 Ton
  • Cincinnati Hydraulic 250 Ton