Quality & Safety

Quality DepartmentQuality:

The George Evans Corporation Quality management system is certified to: BS EN ISO 9001:2015 by the British Standards Institution.


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GEC Quality policy:

The George Evans Corporation recognizes safety and quality are critical features to being a successful business in which we can satisfy customer’s expectations and grow as a business. It is the George Evans Corporation policy to insure that customer’s requirements and expectations are met and to fabricate products that provide good value.


The George Evans Corporation seeks to fulfill their commitment through:


  • Focusing on safety.
  • Continually improve through planning, reviewing, checking, and acting (PDCA Cycle).
  • Involving employees, encouraging teamwork, training, and new ideas / methods.
  • Management commitment and actively participating in sustaining a quality culture.
  • Quality service with on-time delivery.


GEC gages are verified through a gage calibration and certification program. They are subject to a continuing system of calibration control and are traceable to a National Standard.

Here is a partial listing of the GEC primary quality equipment:
  • FaroArm Edge Series 3D measurement, inspection and Reverse Engineering System
  • SlipStick 2-axis measuring machine
  • Mitutoya height gages, bore gages, pen sets and calipers.
  • Aven Mighty Scope Digital Microscope with Polarizer (10x-200x magnification)
  • Rockwell Type Hardness Tester HR 150A (150 Max Load Testing Table Test Block)
  • Mitutoya SurfTest SJ-210 Surface Roughness Tester


Each part is reviewed for manufacturing process and critical dimensions. An Initial Sample Warrant Package is developed to establish a Production Part Approval (PPAP) Process; including the ISIR, part specifications, manufacturing control plan, process requirement, manufacturing documentation, equipment, tooling, gages, and all else needed to produce a high quality part.


Capability analysis studies are carried on continuously using the multi step PPAP Process. Inspections are per a recognized sampler plan including first and last parts.


Managing quality is accomplished through the plan, do, check, act cycle. Machine operators are empowered to monitor the accuracy of the process. They are responsible for the quality of their work and are authorized to stop production when suspect parts are produced. Internal quality audits by our dedicated quality inspectors validate the effectiveness of a part’s quality plan and manufacturing procedure. Continuing operator education and monthly meetings reinforce our “no defects” and “continual improvement” goals.




The George Evans Corporation believes that safety and quality are interrelated. That combined, they affect our ability to successfully meet our employee and customer needs. Management works with employees to prevent accidents and keep skilled people on the job. Our ongoing goal is to strive for zero “lost time” accidents and to replace “accident investigation” with “accident prevention.”


GEC is responsible for ensuring that all employees have a safe workplace. The company has a responsibility to provide resources and leadership to achieve our stated goals. Our monthly all-plant safety meeting examines all accidents and injuries, educating employees about accident prevention – both at and away from work. Once each year, we have a required 3-day safety class review for all shop employees that reviews safety procedures within the plant.


We require all employees work safely as a condition of hire, that they complete mandatory safety training programs, accept personal responsibility for their own safety, and the safety of those working with them. Employees alert management to unsafe conditions so they can be corrected. To that end, a safety committee has been formed including the personnel manager, shop superintendent, chief of maintenance, and at least one foreman and two shop workers. The committee is charged with investigating reported unsafe practices, making sure that machine safety checks are performed in a timely manner, eliminating hazardous conditions, and working to prevent accidents.